Simply at Your Best

Viben Laurjo brings you the Laureti family brands. Viben Laurjo started Laureti brands based on the passion and personalities of our team; consisting of creative, fashionable, and forward-thinking entrepreneurs. We give importance to high quality, simplicity, style, and elegance. Our reasonably priced products are crafted to compete in the international market as we continually expand our product lines.

Our Brands

Thomas Laureti

Thomas Laureti brings you fashionable, elegant, and classic apparel consisting of polo shirts, jackets, sweaters, and socks.

Thomas Laureti is for individuals who seek comfort in timeless styles with a splash of new trends. The designs emphasize on the image of the individual wearing them without the overpowering graphics or logos.

Percy Laureti

Percy Laureti is our latest line of product. Percy Laureti brings you accessories such as bags, wallets, and other leather goods. The materials are hand-picked and the products are carefully designed.

This brand is for those who desire functionality while exuding class and elegance.